MVP Testimonials

  • "Sometimes you do not realize how good someone makes you look in the operating room until they are gone. Polly was that kind of help. When I could steal her away from the orthopedic surgeons long enough to help me with my lap Nissens, Colons and Hernias it was always worth the effort. ”

    Dr. Kevin Gillian, Virginia Hernia and Heartburn Institute

  • “I have worked with Polly extensively in the Operative setting and I am impressed by her skills, knowledge and dedication towards Sports Medicine.”

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, INOVA

  • “ Polly’s knowledge in orthopedics is years beyond her PA training. She is well liked by patients, physicians, colleagues and administrators. Her skills in the operating room are superb.”

    Former PA Professor, South University

  • “Polly is professional and her manner and is of impeccable moral character. She has an excellent fund of knowledge and relates exceedingly well to patients. Her skills are exemplary.”

    Physician, Internal Medicine/ Preceptor